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Dink Basics

"Dink" is a term used in pickleball to describe a soft shot that is hit with the paddle, causing the ball to just clear the net and land in the non-volley zone (also known as the "kitchen"). The dink shot is a fundamental shot in pickleball, and it can be used to set up more aggressive shots or to play a more defensive game.


Here are some basics for executing a dink shot in pickleball:

  1. Position yourself close to the net, ideally in the non-volley zone.

  2. Hold your paddle with a loose grip, and be prepared to move quickly.

  3. Approach the ball with a small, controlled step.

  4. Keep your paddle face open and angle it downward slightly.

  5. Make contact with the ball in front of your body using a short and controlled swing.

  6. Aim to hit the ball softly and just clear the net, landing it in the non-volley zone.

  7. Follow through with your swing, keeping your paddle face angled downward and your wrist relaxed.

  8. Be ready to move quickly after hitting the dink shot, as your opponent may try to return the ball with a more aggressive shot.

Remember, the dink shot is all about finesse and control, so it's important to practice the shot and get comfortable with the technique. With practice, you can become a skilled dinker and use this shot to your advantage in pickleball games.

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