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What is DUPR?
DUPR stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating, which is the most accurate and globally recognized rating system in the sport of Pickleball. It rates players on a scale from 2.00 to 8.00 based on their match results, regardless of age, gender, location, or skill level.

Who can have a DUPR rating?
DUPR ratings are free and available to anyone. Just one match result is enough to obtain a DUPR rating, and having 5-10 match results provides an even more accurate rating. If you've participated in a Pickleball tournament before, you likely already have a DUPR rating. You can claim your account at or by downloading the iOS or Android app.

How is the DUPR rating calculated?
The DUPR rating is calculated using a modified Elo algorithm that considers a player's last 30 matches for singles and 60 matches for doubles. The algorithm takes into account three factors: points won, victory or defeat, and the type of result (e.g., self-posted rec play score, league match, unsanctioned tournament, or sanctioned tournament result).

Why is DUPR considered better than other Pickleball ratings?
DUPR is not only more accurate but also the only rating system in Pickleball that applies a universal scale to rate all players, regardless of age or gender. It encompasses all of a player's results, providing a comprehensive evaluation.

Which matches carry more weight in my rating?
Your most recent matches have more influence on your rating. Additionally, tournament scores are given more weight than self-posted scores.

What is "Half-Life" in DUPR?
"Half-Life" is a concept based on the principle of exponential decay, measuring the number and recency of matches played. The Half-Life awards points based on specific criteria: players need three results in the last 90 days, six results in the last 180 days, or 12 results in the last 270 days. The required number of results doubles every 90 days for full reliability.

Which results are included in my DUPR rating?
All your results, regardless of event type, location, or software provider, are included in your DUPR rating. If you don't see your results or want your club/association to add them, you can have your organizer email

Who shares results with DUPR?
Results are received from various sources, including clubs, associations, tournament organizers, federations, and self-posted scores by users.

What happens if I'm unrated and play against other unrated players?
Even if you're unrated, you can have a provisional rating (indicated with an asterisk*). Once you or the other players compete against someone with a DUPR rating, you will become reliably rated, typically after 5-10 matches. This connectivity among players contributes to the accuracy of the ratings.

Are there Verified and Unverified DUPR ratings?
No, there are no separate Verified and Unverified DUPR ratings. Each player has one DUPR doubles rating and one DUPR singles rating. "Unverified" is not a concept within the DUPR rating system.

What is a provisional rating, and when does a rating become reliable?
A provisional rating indicates that a player's DUPR rating is not yet fully reliable. A rating becomes reliable based on the player's connectivity to other DUPR-rated players and the recency of their results. Having many results and good connectivity but low recency or vice versa can lead to provisional status.

Why did my DUPR rating decrease when I won a match?
The DUPR algorithm assigns an expected value (EV) for performance in each match. If the actual outcome deviates from the expected outcome, it can affect the rating. However, the algorithm also considers the performance of all players in the pool. If your opponent continues to perform well and outperforms the EV in subsequent matches, their rating may increase, while yours may not be as affected. The algorithm recognizes their improvement.

What defines a "competitive match," according to DUPR?
Competitive matches are more likely to occur when the team differential is within .25. The traditional .50 bracketing is considered too large for competitiveness. For example, a 4.25 team would have a competitive match against a 4.00 or 4.50 team but not against a 3.75 or 4.75 team. To ensure fair and enjoyable play, opponents should have a skill differential within .25.

Can my DUPR rating change even if I haven't been playing?
Yes, your DUPR rating can still change even if you haven't been playing actively. Other players' performances in matches can affect your rating. For instance, if you previously outperformed an opponent and they continue to outperform the expected value in their subsequent matches, your rating may benefit from their improved performance.

I play tournaments, but I don't see my results on my DUPR profile.
If you don't see your tournament results on your profile, it's likely because you created a new account instead of claiming your existing profile. In such cases, you can request a merge of your new account with the existing one by emailing The merge process usually takes 24-48 hours to complete.

What is the minimum number of points needed for a result to count for DUPR?
For a match result to count towards DUPR, one player must score at least six points, such as a score of 3-6 or 6-0.

How does withdrawing from a match affect my DUPR?
DUPR includes all scores where one player reaches six points. Player withdrawals are tracked on player profiles. If you need to report a withdrawal score, you can do so by emailing

Which matches do not count toward my DUPR rating?
Matches where partners have a rating difference greater than 1.50, are excluded. For example, if a 6.00-rated player partners with a 4.00-rated player, the match will not count. Matches are also excluded if the average rating difference between opponents is greater than 1.0. Additionally, matches where neither the player nor the team reaches at least six points, are not considered. These excluded matches will still appear on player profiles but will not affect their DUPR rating. The Performance Chart can show which matches count towards the rating.

Why don't my matches count for ratings if my rating differs from my opponents by 1.0 or more?
The algorithm assigns an expected value (EV) for every match based on the relative ratings of each team. Beyond a certain point, the expectation would exceed 100% of the points, which is impossible. Therefore, matches with a rating difference of 1.0 or more are excluded. However, if there is a legitimate upset win against a player with a rating difference of 1.0 or higher, you can contact DUPR to provide feedback, which helps them evaluate and improve the rating system.

How can I delete a match from DUPR?
For self-posted matches, there is a process for match deletion. If the match has been validated, the requestor must submit a deletion request, and all players in the match are notified via email. At least one opponent must confirm the match deletion, after which the match will be deleted. Pending matches can be deleted within the app. For tournament matches, you should contact your tournament organizer to ensure correct scores are posted.

How long does it take for ratings to update?
Ratings are updated every Tuesday. However, the team is working to move back to instantaneous rating updates in the near future. So, expect to see your updated rating early next week.

How long does it take for events to be added to DUPR?
Results from new events are typically added to DUPR every week, usually on Tuesdays.

How can I log a match with players who are not DUPR users?
During the "Add a Match" process, you can easily invite your partner and opponents to join DUPR by adding their email addresses. Check if they need to "Claim Account" before creating a new one. All players must be registered with DUPR for the matches to affect ratings on the platform. This is crucial to maintaining the accuracy and integrity of DUPR ratings.

How can I add a club to DUPR or start running events?
If you want to add a club to DUPR or start running events, you can fill out the "Get In Touch" form. The DUPR team will provide you with more information on how the system works and how it can benefit your club. They have exciting new formats for innovative and enjoyable tournaments and organized play.


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